Apple Farm Engagement : Bradley + Jennifer

Yay! Bradley and Jennifer are getting married this week :) Brandon and I fell in love with these two from the get go. Jennifer being an awesome photographer herself we were a bit nervous. However, they were always smiling or laughing about something and it made us feel so calm and relaxed. We are over the moon excited to share these images with all of you today! Bradley and Jennifer, we are thrilled for you guys and can’t wait for your wedding this weekend :)

Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0001Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0002Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0003Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0007Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0005Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0006Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0008Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0009Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0004Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0010Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0011Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0012Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0013Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0014Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0015Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0016Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0017Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0018Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0019Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0020Georgia Apple Farm Engagement0021