Callanwolde Wedding : Walter + Emily

The guests arrived at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center and took their seats as the strings played inside. The skies were cloudy and it even rained but just because the skies were not blue and the sun was not shinning didn’t mean that it couldn’t be a beautiful day. Brandon and I always love to photograph outside when ever we can, but the architecture inside Callanwolde provided some amazing photos. One of our favorite parts of Walter and Emily’s wedding was the “second line,” a Louisiana tradition. Walter is from Louisiana, so to pay tribute to his old stomping grounds, they incorporated the second line, which originated in Louisiana. During the “second line,” the bride and groom hold umbrellas, the guests wave handkerchiefs, and a marching band plays “Oh when the saints go marching in.” Everyone marches in a line around the venue. It is such a good time! :)

Thank you ELIZABETH ANNE DESIGNS for featuring their wedding!